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12 Goth Punk Lolita Halloween 6 Pairs/Colors LADY SKULL 18mm x 13mm CAMEOS LOT A


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Лот выставлен на продажу: (GMT) 07 февраля 2021, 04:44
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Товар находится в: Ararat, Virginia
Количество в наличии 7
Время доставки 3-4 недели
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Мини описание лота на английском языке:
This auction is for 12 (6 MATCHING PAIRS) loose NEW UNSET SMALL GOTHIC 18mm x 13mm UNSET – “LADY SKULL (Skeleton) RIGHT and LEFT Facing Cameos in 6 DIFFERENT ASSORTED COLORS.” The colors are: BLUE on BLACK; WHITE on BLACK; BRIGHT BLOOD RED on BLACK; PURPLE on BLACK; PINK on BLACK; and GOBLIN GREEN on BLACK. You will receive "TWO CAMEOS of EACH COLOR (or SIX MATCHING RIGHT and LEFT Facing PAIRS total.) These “SPOOKY” Little cameos are made of RESIN (an acrylic medium similar to plastic, but much more durable). They will be wonderful to use in making COSTUME JEWELRY type EARRINGS or SMALL PENDANTS. These are cameos used for making COSTUME JEWELRY. These are NEW CAMEOS and are ready to be used in your creations. (NOTE: I placed a CLOSE-UP PHOTO of each different pair of CAMEOS for you to better see their detail. I have placed a DIME between each pair of cameos for SIZE COMPARISON. The dimes are not included in this auction. This auction is for 12 CAMEOS (or 6 matching pairs.) USPS First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation (Tracking number) shipping and handling cost on your parcel is $3.49 for this item and .50 cents for each additional eligible auction items mailed in the same package, and paid for in ONE INVOICE only. Please wait for me to send you the COMBINED INVOICE, because if you pay for each auction individually, you will have to pay the full shipping cost, due the fact that paypal charges me a fee for each separate transaction. ALL CUSTOMERS please pay with PAYPAL only. I do expect payment to be made within 7 days of the auctions end. NOTE: Packages mailed within the U.S. Your order will always have a DELIVERY CONFIRMATION or TRACKING NUMBER and can be tracked online. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS must understand that I am NOT RESPONSIBLE in any way for any additional Customs or Tariff fees when parcels are mailed out of the United States to their destination. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS may also contact me for further details on how to have your package REGISTERED, which is quite costly if the service is available to your address, if you so desire. Each INTERNATIONAL PARCEL I Mail, will automatically have a CUSTOMS NUMBER attached to the package, for my proof of shipment with the United States Post Office system. "Handling cost includes insurance" on your parcel and will be adjusted to accomodate the value of your package. (PLEASE NOTE: All parcels that have multiple items shipped together in the U.S. for UNITED STATES customers that weighs over 1 pound will be mailed USPS PRIORITY MAIL only. INTERNATIONAL PARCELS with a weight of over 12 ounces will be shipped USPS PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL by either flat rate envelope or box, depending on the weight and number of items purchased and combined. Fees for INTERNATIONAL PARCELS have increased "drastically" as of Jan. 28th, 2013 and will vary according to weight and I ask that you please contact me for details before bidding or buying if you have any questions about this matter. If you make payment before I send you a combined invoice, your payment will be refunded and the correct invoice sent to you. SHIPPING DISCOUNTS of .35 cents apply to ELIGIBLE ITEMS in the U.S. only. INTERNATIONAL PARCELS have a variable rate per extra item depending on the weight and number of items purchased. Once again, please contact for details on this matter before bidding or buying items, if you have any questions.) NOTE to ALL CUSTOMERS: The only negative feedbacks I have received has been due to SHIPPING ISSUES and NOT my merchandise. There are 15 negatives from ONE ebayer over shipping cost and and 5 other negatives from ONE INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER who claims her parcel was never delivered (yet tried to buy from me again under another user id at the same address and same personal name). If you do not agree with my shipping cost and methods, PLEASE BUY ELSEWHERE. I always strive to give the best shipping discounts possible with the SAFEST and FASTEST means for your parcels to reach you. I adjust my shipping and handling fees according to the latest rate from the USPS. CUSTOMS and TARIFF information. As found on the eBay’s “SITEMAP PAGE” under the “BUYING RESOURCES TAB” on the “BUYING INTERNATIONALLY” page: Be prepared to pay fees for customs and/or duties. It's against the law to ask your seller to mark an international product as a gift. If you have any questions or concerns about this manner Please contact eBay as I do not make the rules concerning International mailings. (NOTE: This auction is eligible for the .35 cent combined shipping discount. When mailed with other auctions won, this LOT will be .35 cents extra for U.S. customers and $1.50 for International customers.) * * * PLEASE NOTE: All of the ITEMS we SELL come from a SMOKE FREE ENVIRONMENT! * * * I'm glad to combine auctions to help with shipping and handling cost. I can hold your items for up to 7 days to combine them in ONE INVOICE for you. You must pay with one invoice for be eligible for the discount if you pay with paypal. Paypal charges me a fee for each transaction paid seperately, so for me to pass this savings on to you, PLEASE wait for a final invoice from me before you pay. I accept PAYPAL ONLY as means of PAYMENT. NOTE: Be sure to watch my eBay AUCTIONS in the COMING WEEKS and MONTHS for MANY, MANY “NEW STYLES of CAMEOS in assorted SIZES and COLORS and THEMES, along with LOTS of NEW FRAMES and SETTINGS, LOCKETS, and VARIOUS other COSTUME JEWELRY MAKING SUPPLIES.” Also, be sure to sign up for eBay STORE NEWSLETTER to receive “SPECIAL PROMOTIONS and DISCOUNTS.” My thanks for dropping in and be sure to see what other items I have listed for bids and for SALE in my EBAY STORE. PLEASE NOTE: My SHIPPING and HANDLING time of items may vary from auction to auction (and time to time for circumstances beyond my control) as many of you like for me to hold items for you to combine shipping cost for up to 7 days. (An EMAIL to let me know you are waiting for me combine auctions is always appreciated so I will know you need me to hold and combine your items as most other EBAY SELLERS only allow items to be held for up to 3 days.) For U.S. customers, if you have not received your items within 10 days of payment, please contact me. International buyers should allow up to 4 to 8 weeks for parcels to reach their destination.
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