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y31 lg Entomology Taxidermy Locust Cicada Specimen Floating Display Collectible


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Мини описание лота на английском языке:
Please note: This listing is for one display only, pictures are an example of what you will be receiving. Y31 #5 This is a Beautiful Large Real Cicada showcased nicely in a black square shaped floating frame. Framed Display Approx. Dimensions:8 x 8 x 2" This is nicely showcased in a shadowbox type frame that suspends him in a clear elasticity film so both sides may be viewed unobstructed! This can be opened but I advise against it as the specimens or the elasticity strip usually are damaged when you open the display. If the film in your display starts to stick together or gets some bubbles in it you can open the case very slowly so the film releases from both side and close again very slowly and the problem should be resolved. If the film gets touched are is in a hot area this can happen but it is a very easy fix. Once the display has been opened returns are no longer accepted. This case will keep him clean and safe for years to come! Species- Cicada Tosena melanoptera Tosena melanoptera is a cicada species from Southeast Asia. It was described by White in 1846 from material collected in North India. It has also been recorded from Thailand and Vietnam. Check us out! Please check out our other displays, they make wonderful Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary and some even Man Cave displays! We also specialize in Antique Victorian Style displays, insects, animals as well as many other handmade wonderful and unique items and displays! I have lots of little items for your curiosity cabinets as well! If you purchase a second item with your order and send us a message with the order that says "free gift", We will include a free gift with your order. All orders have to be for two different items or more to qualify. Our way of saying Thank you for taking the time to look! All displays will be carefully packed to the best of our ability to insure a safe and damage free arrival. If free First class shipping is offered and chosen it does not include insurance. If you want your item insured in case of damage in shipping please choose Priority Mail, that includes $100. worth of insurance. Returns are excepted, please contact us ASAP if you would like to return the item. Return shipping to be paid by buyer. Once the item is returned a refund will be issued minus a $5. restocking fee on each of these items ordered. There are no refunds on shipping charges.
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