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1964 Jeep Universal CJ and Wagoneer with formal couple vintage print ad


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Товар находится в: Denver, Colorado
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Мини описание лота на английском языке:
This is an original 1964 print ad for Jeep! It measures approximately 11.5" x 8" overall, has no tears, comes from a dry, high-altitude, smoke-free environment, and is strictly graded "Near Mint". This vintage ad is not any kind of later reproduction, photocopy or reprint (most ads were published at one time only, and never commercially reproduced). An unusual and distinctive piece for your frame. THANK YOU for the opportunity to earn your business. Please scroll down to see our shipping information. Thank you for helping us celebrate our 18TH YEAR on ebay! Watch for our special 18% off sales through the year. t237LLLL 210085 1964 Jeep Universal CJ and Wagoneer with formal couple vintage print ad Who Buys Our Vintage Ads? Over the past 18 years on ebay, our customers have included museums, galleries, national archives, concert halls, corporate archives, universities, TV and film production companies, private collectors and others in over 90 countries on all seven continents-- yes, including a person stationed in Antarctica. If you've seen print ads used in set decoration for TV shows or films, you've likely seen our ads. If you've looked in major store display windows in New York at Christmastime, you've likely seen our ads. We've been lucky enough to have worked with some of the best in a wide variety of industries, and are looking forward to working with you too. Please let us know if you have any questions. We ship worldwide. We will combine as many items in one package as you want, to save shipping costs. We ship SIX days every week, and if your payment arrives before 1PM Mountain Time, your package goes out the same day. All items are shipped in archival-quality sleeves. Our custom-made shipping tubes (33% thicker than 'standard' USPS/office supply store shipping tubes, and bearing our distinctive cat graphic design!) work perfectly for most items, unless the item is too thick or is of the fold-out type; those will need to be shipped flat. All items which are shipped flat come with an archival-quality sleeve and a nice, substantial backing board, not a cheap flimsy one. Shipping/Handling charges: U.S. tubes: $4.85 U.S. flats: $9.00 Canada tubes: $12.00 Canada flats: $14.50 For the rest of the world: tubes: $14.75 For the rest of the world: flats: $16.00 Priority Mail International is also available: Canada is $31.00, and the rest of the world is $45.00. We guarantee this item to be as described (or better). Every item we sell is securely packed with exceptional care to help prevent shipping damage. Ebay rules now preclude us from having a direct link to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children on our auction pages (see our "About Me" page if you want a link), but we encourage you to take 30 seconds (or more!) and go to their missingkids website and look at the pictures of missing children- YOU can make a difference. YOU can bring a missing child home. Thank you very much for taking the time to look through this description, and please let us know if there are any questions we can answer before you decide to buy. Notice of Copyright. A note to the few out there who 'borrow' our descriptions and photos for use on eBay and elsewhere: This description and photo/photos are Copyrighted by 237studio. The description may not be reproduced in whole or in part, and the photo or photos may not be used by anyone without express written permission from 237studio. Using someone else's description or photos without permission is a violation of eBay rules and of United States Copyright law, Title 17, U.S. Code.
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